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About Us


Company History

Seal-Jet was established in Brisbane in October 1995. It was the first business in Queensland to manufacture custom seals for local customers. Rapid growth occurred over the following years as the various needs of an expanding customer base were successfully met.

In May 2001 Seal-Jet was sold to its present owner, with operations continuing as before. Since this time there has been regular investment in new equipment to extend and expand our business capability. This growth in the business led to our move to larger premises in April 2004 and again in July 2011.  During 2011 the Sealing Motion team joined Seal-Jet with the purpose of delivering great service to a larger group of customers.

Now Seal-Jet has a solid record of providing excellent service to our growing base of customers found locally, throughout Queensland, around Australia, in the Pacific region, and even further afield.

Seal-Jet Mission Statement

To be the best seal company in Australia

We will only achieve this vision by providing our customers with great service and quality products

Every day we will strive to do better than the day before

Sales Capability

The sales team at Seal-Jet Queensland has more than 30 years collective experience in the specification and sale of seals. We have backgrounds in engineering related industries and have had practical experience in equipment installation and repair. Our wide experience enables us to develop effective solutions to the various challenges often provided by our customers. We are happy to share with you our extensive knowledge of standard seals and wide-ranging seal design experience.

Production Capability

Many of our staff completed engineering based apprenticeships before gaining further experience. Together, our manufacturing staff have well over 100 years engineering experience gathered in industries as diverse as; tool making, general engineering, shipbuilding, aerospace, and machinery manufacture and refurbishment. They are expert in using a wide range of workshop equipment, including CNC lathes and there are few seal manufacturing challenges that we cannot solve.

Our production facility houses the following equipment:-

  • Seal-Jet CNC lathe - seals to 350mm diameter
  • Gildemeister CNC lathe - seals to 470mm diameter
  • Goodway CNC lathe - seals to 650mm diameter
  • Phoenix CNC lathe - seals to 1m diameter
  • L3 centre lathe - seals and other products to 700mm diameter
  • Pacific milling machine - specialist machining and finishing work




10 reasons to buy from seal-jet



1. The Seal-Jet Direct Difference

Because we actually manufacture seals using the latest CNC controlled seal making machines we have unparalleled expertise in the manufacture of seals. We are not a broker. We have our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and we are here after the sale to handle quickly any questions that you may have with your order. Same day shipments are available.

2. Quality

Every single seal we make is individually inspected. Our reputation is based upon quality. Our quality control system follows every order until it’s shipped. If the seals are not as specified - it’s our problem - not yours. 

3. Excellent Prices

Time is money. Short lead times save you a lot of money. Buying direct saves you money. One call - get the seals you need - your job is finished - your machine is back on line. 

4. Experience

We are the seal experts with more than 50 years of industry experience. Our seal specialists deal with seals every day. We solve problems. We can supply ANY seal you need. We make your job easy.



5. Reputation

Seal-Jet is a worldwide brand name associated with quality and proven reliability. Our customers tell us over and over that they buy from us because we are RELIABLE and that they can count on us to do what we say we will do! Many new customers have come to Seal-Jet over the past 18 months, and many of them have been referrals. And, perhaps most important, we are financially healthy and expanding our physical plant to handle a growing number of orders each day.

6. Large Selection - sizes to 1,000 mm

Seal Jet offers over 100,000 possibilities for seals - it’s true. And seals for more than 150,000 different machines. Plus, we guarantee that the seals you buy will be 100% compliant with your order as specified.

7. Integrity

Seal-Jet has a reputation for getting things done. When you want it done we will get it done. You want it shipped today - it’s shipped. You need a price fast - you will get it fast. You can count on it.

8. Proven Customer Service

Get an answer in :59 minutes or sooner. Seal-Jet’s customer service is unmatched. We offer 24-hour service and GUARANTEED same day shipping,for stocked items. You can always reach a “live” person by phone at Seal-Jet. We are committed to giving you personal Customer SATISFACTION, not just Customer Service!.

9. Expert Technical Support

Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable seal specialists provide the expertise necessary for excellent service. And all technical support is free! Send us the seals - we’ll size them and identify them for you.



10. Our Guarantee

Seal-Jet products are of the highest quality. We will always guarantee to supply the seals
you order, based on the information supplied with your order.


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